Management Services

Below is a list of some of the services Miramonte Company can provide. Please contact us via the management interest form, phone or email to discuss what we can do for your association.

Short and Long Term Goal Planning.  With the input of the Board of Directors, Committees of the Association, the Reserve Study professional, and the Association’s CPA, we will develop a plan to address the Short and Long Term Goals of the Association, including immediate Action Items.

Develop Annual Corporate Calendar.  With the Board of Directors input, we will develop an Annual Corporate Calendar to reflect actions to be taken by the Association throughout the year.

Maintain Vital Records.  Miramonte maintains, in our office, at least twelve (12) months of “current files,” including architectural control files, contracts, correspondence, bids, insurance information, etc. We would establish, if not already set up, a file for each unit/lot.

Fiscal Budget Management.  Miramonte will work with the Board and with the Reserve Study professionals in preparing the fiscal budget. We will obtain updated vendor prices for the forthcoming year and plan for upcoming maintenance. The budget package distributed to the members includes a cover letter with applicable disclosure information, the Budget, Reserve Study Summary, Assessment Collection Policy, Meeting Minutes statement, Alternative Dispute Resolution policy, Internal Dispute Resolution policy, Architectural Guidelines, Monetary Fine policy, Insurance Disclosure information and any other materials and/or information that must be disclosed to the membership as required by the Board and Civil Code.

Board of Directors Meetings.  Miramonte will prepare and deliver a Directors package no less than five (5) days prior to the meeting. This package will include an Agenda, Meeting Minutes of the previous meeting, financial statements and Management Report with Action Items, including status of enforcement matters, any unfinished and new business, copies of all in-coming and out-going correspondence sent/received during the month, including Courtesy/Violation notices and status thereof, and Committee reports, if applicable. Updates regarding any repairs and maintenance projects and copies of proposals would also be included. We request that all vendors submit proposals at least one week prior to the meeting so that they can be included in the package.

Assist with Enforcement Policy.
  In conjunction with the Board, we will draft or update the Rules & Regulations and distribute the information to the homeowners (and their tenants, if applicable). We would utilize the newsletter (which we recommend be distributed to the tenants as well) and the Association’s website to provide members with any amendments or additions to the Rules & Regulations. We recommend legal counsel review any new policies developed or amended (i.e. updated Architectural Guidelines, Assessment Collection Policy, Monetary Penalty/Fine Policy, Satellite/Antennae Policy, Recreational Policy, etc.), prior to distribution to the homeowners.

Site Review & Reports.  We will prepare a Site Review that we would tailor to the Association’s needs. Our site review includes applicable follow up of any maintenance needs and/or non-compliance issues.

Architectural Review Processing.  We would review all submissions to the Architectural Committee/Board to ensure that all applications are complete and as much information as possible is provided. Once a decision is made, we would send a letter to the homeowner as to any approvals, conditions or resubmittals necessary.

Board of Directors Training.  Miramonte hosts Board of Directors training sessions for new Boards, at which we review the responsibilities of the Board, review the governing documents of the Association, discuss recent litigation, how to read a financial statement and much more!