Miramonte Company FAQs


Question: How do I contact Miramonte Company?

Answer: Miramonte Company is available 24 hours a day. To reach us by phone, please call 925-932-7100. Should we not be able answer, please leave a message on our voicemail system. If the call is regarding a common area emergency matter, such as fire, flood or an immediate safety hazard, please choose the answering service option on the voicemail system to reach an on-call manager. If there is immediate danger to any hazard, please call emergency services prior to contacting Miramonte. Note: Issues such as those concerning trash containers, parking, assessments and escrows are not emergencies. Any calls made to the answering service that are not deemed emergencies may be subject to a $65 fee on the HOA account of the caller. To reach us via fax, send your transmission to 925-932-7150. Please do not send escrow requests via fax. For information on how to order escrow items, please visit our Escrow Services page. To reach us concerning a violation or maintenance issue, please visit our Contact Us page.

Question: Where do I send my payment for my association assessment fee?

Answer: Please send all payments to the ‘Remit To’ address on the monthly billing statement (located on the upper right hand corner), or in the bank envelope provided. If you are unable to locate your statement, please contact our office and ask for the Billing Department.

Question: How do I obtain a copy of my monthly statement?

Answer: Please fax, call or email our accounting department providing your name, property address, association name and where you would like to statement mailed or faxed to.

Question: How do I let you know I have changed my address?

Answer: Please send information on your new address, the address of the property, and the association where the property is located in writing to the Miramonte Company via fax, email or mail. Please note that only the owner on record can change the address. In the case of the death of an owner, please see our FAQ concerning adding someone’s name below.

Question: How do I sign up for automatic payments for my HOA assessment?

Answer: Your association’s bank provides what is known as ACH to automatically withdraw payment for your assessments from your bank account. In order to sign up, please complete the ACH form for your association’s bank which can be found on our Forms Page. Information on what bank your association uses can be found on your monthly statement or by contacting our office.

Question: How do I change my name on my HOA account?

Answer: Miramonte Company obtains the name of all owners from the grant deed we are provided at escrow. If you have changed your name, please provide a copy of the legal document showing such a change (such as a marriage license, divorce paperwork, etc.), along with a letter requesting us to update or change our records. All requests must be made in writing and should be sent to Miramonte via fax, email or mail.

Question: How do I remove the name of someone from my HOA account?

Answer: Miramonte Company obtains the name of all owners from the grant deed we are provided. If there is a person who is no longer on title, has died, or for any other reason has been removed from the deed as an owner, a new deed must be provided. Please submit the new grant deed, copy of the death certificate, or another legal document showing the owner in question is not to be on title, to our office via fax, email or mail.

Question: How do I add a name to my HOA account?

Answer: Miramonte Company obtains the name of all owners from the grant deed we are provided. We will not add anyone’s name to the account unless they are legally on title or responsible for the property. In the case of a death, a death certificate is to be provided, along with court documentation, or a copy of the trust, showing who is the executor or trustee for the property. Please submit all documentation, along with a letter requesting the change, to our office via fax, email or mail. Should you have further questions on this matter, please contact our office.